Added strength in Ecology & Data Analysis for Umwelt’s Canberra Office

Shawn Capararo is welcomed by the Umwelt team in our Canberra office as a Senior Ecologist with over 20 years’ experience and a unique combination of skills in terrestrial ecology and data analysis. He has undertaken a diverse range of activities including field survey and assessment for flora and fauna, management and analysis of biodiversity information, and strategic conservation planning.

Shawn has worked across eastern NSW and south-east Qld with experience designing and implementing fauna inventory surveys, including fauna handling skills and experience, and has a comprehensive knowledge of vertebrate fauna, especially birds and an excellent knowledge of vegetation sampling, classification and mapping methods. Shawn has an intimate knowledge of information systems for management of biodiversity data and has been involved in the development of tools for capture and reporting of biodiversity data with NSW Government. He has advanced skill in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), database development, information management and analysis that he has applied to strategic conservation and regional planning initiatives such as the Southern NSW Comprehensive Regional Assessment, and Planning Framework for Natural Ecosystems of the ACT and NSW Southern Tablelands. He contributed to the development of metric-based decision-making tools for biodiversity assessment in NSW including the BioMetric and was recently involved in the calculation of vegetation benchmarks for the NSW Biodiversity Assessment Method (BAM).