Umwelt’s ecological services offer clients access to recognised experts in the fields of biodiversity, terrestrial ecological assessment and management.


Umwelt produces high quality and comprehensive solutions that enable our clients to achieve key outcomes for their operation or project.

We offer our clients a range of ecology services, relating to natural resource management, project development and ongoing monitoring and management advice, and rehabilitation planning and management.

We are leaders in the development and implementation of biodiversity offset strategies, including several major projects where our understanding of the condition and dynamics of threatened ecological communities contributed to successful development and conservation outcomes.

Our ecologists are fully trained, qualified and licensed, with strong skills and experience across multiple environmental contexts and landscapes, in all aspects of applied ecological science.

Our strong capabilities in spatial data management, GIS, remote sensing and LiDAR offer our clients an integrated service ensuring all project requirements are met.

Scope, required tasks and timing of projects are provided in a clear and accurate manner to our clients, and at all stages of the project, we ensure that clients are well informed on progress.