Bechtel (WA) Pty Ltd Sustainability Reporting

Bechtel (WA) Pty Ltd has just completed the construction of the Wheatstone LNG Plant in Western Australia.  The construction project began in 2013, presenting the opportunity for Umwelt to work with Bechtel over the last six years providing monthly sustainability reporting services.  Umwelt was engaged to collect, verify and report sustainability data generated by over 40 sub-contractors working across the construction site.  Umwelt was also engaged to complete the NGERS reporting requirements for the construction project and provide strategic advice on managing NGERS compliance risk.  During a rapid growth phase of the project, Umwelt worked with Bechtel to plan and implement a range of successful Safeguard Mechanism risk management strategies.

Project contact:

Malcolm Sedgwick
Principal Energy & Greenhouse Gas

You can contact Malcolm on 1300 793 267 or