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  • Events that have shaped the development of SIA in Australia

    In SIA practice, and in developing a sound social baseline for a project, it’s always important to understand the history of development within a community.
    As a result of the release of DPIE’s SIA Guideline in NSW, we thought it ‘About time’ to look back and understand some of the events that have shaped the development of SIA in Australia.

    Recently, Dr Sheridan Coakes, our National Social Practice Lead, hosted a webinar focused on the application of the new SIA Guideline in NSW. The webinar featured a panel of government and industry experts, including: Dr Richard Parsons (DPIE), who shared with us the intentions of the Guideline, why good SIA is important and the benefits that the Guideline offers to industry and communities; and Rebecca Meek (RES) and John Watson (Glencore), who shared excellent insights into how they have previously and are currently applying the Guideline in everyday practice across their respective industry sectors and project types, from project assessment through to operations. 

    A recording of the webinar is available for you to watch (viewing time is just over 60 minutes). Simply click on the “View Webinar” button below.

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