Experience and expertise recognised by recent appointment to NSW Coastal Council

Umwelt’s long-standing natural resource management specialist, Pam Dean-Jones, has been appointed to the NSW Coastal Council, announced on 8 May by Local Government Minister Shelley Hancock. Pam joins a group of seven coastal experts who will provide scientific and management advice to Minister Hancock during a critical period for coastal management in NSW.

Pam is one of four new Coastal Council members who will work with continuing members Emeritus Professor Bruce Thom (former Chairperson), Ms Annelise Tuor (new Chairperson) and Dr Kate Brooks (representing the Marine Estate Management Authority).

Umwelt congratulates Pam and other members of the NSW Coastal Council on their appointment and acknowledges the significant contributions of the previous Coastal Council, led by Emeritus Professor Thom. Their expert advice has promoted a scientifically robust, evidence based, and sustainable approach to coastal management in NSW, creating a strong platform for the work of the new Coastal Council.

The dynamic and sensitive coastal zone is an outstanding asset for the people of NSW. Around 85% of the NSW population lives within 50km of the coast, in diverse communities located in cities, towns and villages. This highlights the central social and economic significance of our beaches and estuarine waterways and the importance of decision-making processes that reflect all aspects of sustainability.

Pam’s background lies in geomorphology and natural and cultural heritage, with many years of experience in developing coastal zone policies, plans, programs and projects with state government, local councils and communities. These projects integrate best available social and natural resource sciences in delivering outcomes that align with community values and perspectives. Pam’s skills and experience will complement the Coastal Council’s expertise in coastal science, economics, engagement, governance, policy and planning.

The next three years will see Coastal Management Programs developed, submitted for certification and implemented by all local councils along the NSW coast, providing integrated strategic direction for sustainable management of NSW estuaries, beaches and headlands in accordance with the Coastal Management Act 2016. As well as advising Minister Hancock on these Programs, the Coastal Council has a unique opportunity to review the effectiveness of coastal management guidance. Its role includes identifying opportunities to continue to improve the collaborative activities of coastal managers and local communities to maintain the functioning of natural coastal systems and protect important coastal values.

For more information about how Umwelt can help planners, managers, regulators and proponents deliver projects in the coastal zone, please contact Pam on 1300 793 267 or pdean-jones@umwelt.com.au