Harnessing the wind offshore – an exciting new prospect for Australia

The Victorian and Commonwealth governments are continuing their commitment to explore development options for Australia’s first offshore wind farm in the Bass Strait.

The Star of the South Project, backed by a Danish fund management company, is undertaking a range of baseline marine ecology assessments, mapping of the seabed and economic assessments to determine the feasibility of developing the project in the waters off the Southern Gippsland coast in Victoria.

“It’s not only a great opportunity for Victoria, but also for Australia as a whole” said Mark Herod, Umwelt’s National Renewable Energy Sector Lead, who has worked in the Renewable Energy sector in Australia and the UK.

“The Star of the South Project will hopefully provide a proof of concept for this technology in Australia and allow other developers to follow suit. Having worked with some of Europe’s largest renewable energy developers, I am very familiar with off-shore energy projects; around a dozen European countries have offshore installations constructed off coast, with the Hornsea 1 wind farm in the UK being one of the largest offshore wind farms at around 1,218 MW.

It’s fantastic to see Australia seriously exploring the off-shore options to harness wind energy. We are excited to help support the industry using our extensive Renewable Energy experience and our specialism in environmental and marine assessments. Our talented team has conducted numerous off shore assessments across the Defence and Infrastructure sectors so we are in a good place to support our clients on projects such as the Star of the South – exciting possibilities ahead!”.

For further information on Umwelt’s capabilities in Victoria and nationally please contact:

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Principal Environmental Consultant

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Mark Herod

Executive Manager/National Renewables Sector Lead

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