Heritage & Archaeology

Umwelt offers clients access to recognised experts in the fields of Aboriginal cultural heritage and archaeology, and historical heritage and archaeology.


Umwelt produces high quality and comprehensive solutions that enable our clients to achieve key outcomes for their operation or project.

Our cultural heritage team has an excellent reputation for undertaking well designed archaeological surveys and assessments, and for producing high quality, well researched and informative documentation that integrates community input and meets the requirements of government agencies.

Umwelt seeks to work in partnership with Aboriginal people in relation to Aboriginal cultural heritage. We seek meaningful partnerships with Aboriginal people based on mutual respect, understanding, cooperation, transparency and trust.

Umwelt also seeks to promote awareness of, and respect for, Aboriginal cultural heritage through best practice in the assessment and management of Aboriginal cultural heritage, and the achievement of quality heritage outcomes.

Umwelt offers expertise in the assessment and management of diverse historical heritage and archaeological sites. In all services we integrate our strong capabilities in spatial data management, GIS and LiDAR services. We also work closely with clients to ensure requirements for community consultation and stakeholder engagement are met.

We provide clear and accurate advice to our clients about the scope, required tasks and timing of all projects and ensure that clients are kept aware of progress.

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