International GIS Day

In celebrating International GIS Day, we are pleased to recognise the achievements of two team members who recently won awards at the 2019 Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards – NSW & ACT.

Roshni Sharma, GIS Specialist Newcastle office

Roshni Sharma is a true role model for the Australian geospatial industry and many young professionals globally. She has a strong and extensive network of young professionals around the world, which she seeks to assist and collaborate with, and an array of mentors amongst industry leaders. She has become an integral and valued member of SSSI/SIBA organising committees for national conferences such as Locate19, Locate20 and SEASC2019. Roshni has founded and led the SSSI National Mentoring Program, collaborated with industry organisations such as ICSM to deliver a GDA2020 webinar series, many face-to-face networking and technical events, and united regional and national SSSI Young Professionals with a structured strategic plan.

From the office space, Roshni and the Spatial & Visualisation team have extended Umwelt’s GIS services to our clients with on-site support through system maintenance and system planning and also through strategic spatial project advice and timely product delivery. Roshni is a valued member of the Umwelt team and we congratulate her on this most recent recognition of her contribution to the geospatial industry.


Natasha Crook, Ecologist Canberra office

Natasha is an experienced ecological consultant and accredited Biodiversity Assessment Method (BAM) assessor. While working primarily as an ecological consultant, Nat has previously built on her strong spatial skills in managing and conducting quality reviews of ecological data for large ecological impact assessment projects, and developing data management systems to allow clients to consistently store, analyse and compare multi-year ecological monitoring data. To support her passion for learning and the spatial sciences, and support her objective of becoming a ‘spatial ecologist’, she is currently completing a Diploma of Spatial Information Services at TAFE NSW on the Albury Campus part-time.

In September, Nat’s exceptional ability to integrate her spatial and ecological skills was recognised at the 2019 Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Awards – NSW & ACT where she was awarded the Asia-Pacific Spatial Excellence Award in the SSSI Vocational Education Training (VET) Award category. She was chosen for this award for the exceptional quality of her work, her ability to critically assess spatial data quality by applying ecological understanding, and her demonstrated ability to transfer these skills into the workplace. She continues to refine and develop her spatial and management skills to allow her to improve the quality of spatial analyses in the ecological sciences.

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