Investigating and Modelling Water Quality

Investigating and Modelling Water Quality

Umwelt’s Water Team is a collection of industry-leading engineers and water experts. One of their specialities is water quality investigations and modelling; a service they provide for clients across a wide range of industries.

From the Water Team

Using the latest modelling tools, we assist clients in going through the development application process by providing detailed assessments of potential water quality impacts. We also use these tools to provide conceptual solutions that assist clients in meeting water quality targets.

Solutions can include modifications of proposed designs, incorporation of water treatment devices, or simply increasing vegetated areas. We provide water quality impact assessments which can include impacts on:

  • downstream and final void water quality for mines and quarries;
  • stream water quality for road and rail infrastructure; and,
  • stormwater quality for urban developments

Why we investigate water quality

Water quality is central to the health of our waterways. The water quality of any creek, dam or river is typically measured against the requirements of the humans, plants, fish and other organisms using it. For instance, water quality from a dam used for drinking is measured against the requirements for safe drinking water, while the water quality of a river supporting a fish population is measured against the requirements of the fish living in it. Any negative impacts on the quality of these water bodies will, in-turn, affect the organisms using it.

The impacts on water quality from developments

The way we use land can have a direct and significant impact on downstream water quality.

In Australia, councils and regulators set water quality objectives and targets to protect and improve water quality. Umwelt is able to help clients developing or using the land so that they can ensure their project protects and, where possible, improves local water quality.

How we investigate and model water quality

Our investigations start by collecting all required water quality data. Once we have this, we can set existing (baseline) water quality. We then use the baseline to assess development impacts using water quality modelling tools. At this stage we can also assess the need for water treatment solutions to achieve water quality targets. If water quality targets do not exist, our team can develop these for clients and local councils.

It’s also important that the team stays up to date with the latest water quality modelling tools and best-practice methods. To do this, the team regularly attend training courses, including a recent training course in MUSIC software (Model for Urban Stormwater Improvement Conceptualisation) – the industry standard to assess the impact of developments on urban stormwater quality.


The Umwelt Water Team are experts at assessing water quality impacts. Their thorough approach, modelling skills and extensive experience enables them to assist clients with successful environmental management and improve outcomes for our waterways.