It’s a Fiery Business

Umwelt’s Principal Bushfire expert, Cormac Farrell, has been a trusted source for many agencies and communities for planning, management and protection advice prior to, and during, the recent bushfire season. He has been sought out for his advice and expertise far and wide, including an article in The New York Times (January, 2020), outlining some key challenges and opportunities in response to Australia’s catastrophic bushfire events.

Presenting closer to home, to a HEI event in Newcastle NSW, alongside a number of other key speakers, Cormac stepped the audience through the practical aspects of bushfire protection and the range of measures that are used to manage fire protection on the urban/bushland interface. The presentation in early March focused on key aspects of hazard reduction from predictive climate modelling, through to hazard reduction burns and mechanical fuel removal. Attendees were also keen to learn how building resilience can be enhanced through detailed site assessment, and house and critical infrastructure design.

Australia’s bushfire season officially finished yesterday on 31 March, with NSW RFS Commissioner Shane Fitzsimmons paying tribute to the 25 people who lost their lives during the fires. With the next bushfire season beginning in only a couple of months, he referenced the need for landowners and communities to be prepared – and the importance of a proactive approach to fire management and protection.

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