Keeping abreast of new policy; Noise

Umwelt’s Principal Acoustics Consultants Tim Procter and Dave Davis attended the Australian Acoustical Society’s 2017 Annual General Meeting at the University of New South Wales on Wed 01 November 2017.

Guest speakers Gordon Downey from the Environmental Protection Authority and Jeff Parnell from the NSW Department of Planning and Environment presented an overview of the new NSW EPA Noise Policy for Industry which was released on Friday 27 October 2017.

In brief, the NSW Industrial Noise Policy (2000) has been replaced by the Noise Policy for Industry (2017). Whilst the NSW Industrial Noise Policy (2000) continues to be used for some existing licence and consent conditions, the Noise Policy for Industry will be the primary guidance for noise assessment and management for industry in NSW.

The policy has immediate effect and provides techniques for measuring noise levels and a process for setting noise limits in development consent and licence conditions.

For the full comprehensive view of the 2017 noise policy please see the link below;

Umwelt provides leading acoustic assessment, modelling and monitoring services for industry and is staying at the forefront of this policy change. If you would like to discuss how this may apply to your business we would be happy to assist you in navigating these key policy changes.

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