National Biodiversity Month

It’s biodiversity month this September, and throughout the month there will be a range of activities and promotions to improve awareness of biodiversity in the community.

Biodiversity is, essentially, the variety of living things and is usually measured as the diversity of species, as well the diversity of their genes and the ecosystems in which they occur. Australia is a biodiversity-rich nation, and supports one of the recognised World Biodiversity Hotspots, in south-west WA. However over the last two centuries land clearing and other human activities have led to a decline in our biodiversity, with many threats continuing, even increasing, to this day. While development is important for our economy and social wellbeing, increasingly governments and the community have recognised that balancing development with biodiversity conservation is essential for the long-term wellbeing of the nation. Biodiversity protection and management laws are in place across Australia to regulate development and to protect and manage our native biodiversity.

Umwelt’s Ecologists are involved in many facets of biodiversity management and conservation, and our work is often praised as providing clear, sensible guidance on managing biodiversity for conservation. Umwelt’s Ecologists and Environmental Scientists apply professional best practice approaches to interpreting biodiversity legislation to ensure that balanced, ethical outcomes are achieved for our clients and in accordance with regulators’ requirements. Much of our work focuses on the avoidance and minimisation of harm on biodiversity, while another significant body of our work is directed towards establishing and managing biodiversity offsets to counterbalance the impacts of development. We have also been involved in numerous government and community programs relating to biodiversity conservation and management.

Looking forward for September and into October there are a number of specific celebrations around the theme of biodiversity. For example, on the 7th of September National Threatened Species Day is a time to celebrate our threatened species success stories and ongoing threatened species recovery work. National Bird week (12-23 October) puts forward the goal of inspiring Australians to take action and get involved in bird conservation efforts and is followed by the National Twitchathon, where twitchers (avid birdwatchers) pit themselves against one another for fun and charity to view as many bird species as possible in a 24 hr period.

If you have any questions on Biodiversity matters or are interested in how your projects may minimise impacts on Biodiversity, please contact Travis Peake, Practice Leader Ecology on (02)49 505 322 or