National Bird Week 2020

National Bird Week is underway, running from 19 to 25 October, and is a time to celebrate our diverse and unique bird species. Australia is privileged to be home to more than 800 bird species, with 45% of these found nowhere else in the world. Our birds occupy a vast array of environments, with some species contributing to important ecosystem functions. Our pigeons are important fruit and seed dispersers, our honeyeaters and parrots pollinate plants and our lyrebirds dig and move litter and soil which assists in nutrient cycling and even promotes post-fire recovery. This bird week, Australians are encouraged to take action and become involved in bird conservation efforts. One of easiest ways to get involved is by participating in the Aussie Backyard Birds Count – the biggest citizen science program which contributes to a large pool of data and provides important information on the status of our birds.

Umwelt regularly conducts bird surveys as part of our services for clients for ongoing long-term monitoring programs and targeted threatened bird species surveys. A recent project conducted by Umwelt’s NSW ecology team for Local Land Services focused on encouraging local community awareness and action towards the recognition and protection of the scarlet robin (Petroica boodang), pictured above; a species listed as vulnerable under the Biodiversity Conservation Act. This project involved establishing monitoring sites and conducting scarlet robin surveys in the areas of Braidwood, Burra and Michelago-Bredbo, with the aim of identifying important habitat and inform adaptive management and conservation actions for the species. The results of these surveys contribute to the Saving Our Scarlet Robin program which aims to increase landholder awareness of, and action towards, the protection, rehabilitation and enhancement of suitable woodland foraging and breeding habitat and active management of priority areas to reduce threats affecting scarlet robins.

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