NSW Coastal Management Reforms

Umwelt’s Manager, Communities & Landscapes Pam Dean-Jones joins speaker panel sharing insights about NSW coastal management reforms.

Last month, Pam Dean-Jones, Umwelt’s Principal Consultant, Communities and Landscapes, joined a panel of speakers sharing insights about the implementation of the NSW coastal management reforms. More than 100 coastal engineers and planners attended the Coast, Ocean and Ports Engineering Panel annual seminar. Pam talked about how the new coastal framework has been received in communities where change is seen as a threat, not an opportunity. Communication about adaptation to a dynamic coastal environment can be hampered by diverse and conflicting information sources, emerging perceptions that science and expert advice are not to be trusted at the local scale, distrust of government regulation and the politicisation of climate science. Professional coastal managers and regional communities may have a surprisingly different understanding of the language and value of coastal management. Their perception of the significance of environmental, social and economic risk is quite different.

Pam was one of the authors of the NSW coastal manual. The manual provides guidance for local councils and other coastal managers, including effective approaches to engaging coastal communities in discussion of complex coastal issues.

Pam Dean-Jones is contactable via email, pdean-jones@umwelt.com.au.