Umwelt goes Green with our new office in Teralba

Umwelt’s new energy efficient NSW office in Newcastle was opened by State Member for Lake Macquarie Mr Greg Piper in April 2013.

The new office adaptively re-uses an 88-year old heritage building formerly used as the much loved Teralba Co-op, which was associated with the former Newcastle Co-op “The Store.”

David Selden Design took on board substantial design input from Umwelt staff to incorporate many ‘green’ building features including a roof top garden, 250 solar panels, LED lighting throughout the building. 100kw of battery storage and an innovative water based climate control system. It uses 50% less energy than a typical office.

The purpose built office building showcases Umwelt’s innovation, and enables the Company to “walk it’s talk regarding environmental sustainability, impact, performance and quality”.

At Umwelt, we’re serious about the environment. We work collaboratively with clients to deliver solutions to environmental and sustainability challenges.

Features of our Office

  • Passive ventilation – air movement aided ridge windows, louvre windows, doors and
    central stairway
  • 28,000 litres of rainwater gravity fed to toilets and landscaping
  • Task lighting using LED lights to minimise energy usage
  • 1200m condenser loop 3 metres below car park
  • 3800m of hydronic pipes in bottom of thick concrete slabs to heat and cool building
  • 100m of chilled beams to offset roof heat on upper floors
  • BMS system that monitors room temps and regulates heating/cooling system – internet
  • 38 KW of solar panels producing approximately 135,000 KWh/year of electricity
  • Use of thin film solar panels
  • 100 kWh of battery capacity allows server/comms approximately 10 to 20 hours of UPS

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