Rhys Osborne

Position: Ecologist

Rhys joined the Umwelt team in 2016 off the back of completing his honour degree whilst working full time as an ecologist in Newcastle. Rhys’s outgoing nature mixed with a strong work ethic and a keen eye for detail he was identified as a great fit for the Umwelt team.

At Umwelt Rhys is involved in small and large scale ecological impact assessments (including projects assessed under the new Biodiversity Assessment Methodology, BAM), due diligence assessments, writing biodiversity management plans, and undertaking post-approval monitoring programs for vegetation, targeted threatened species and their habitats. Rhys regularly puts his hand up for challenging projects, taking the challenge in his stride to deliver high quality outcomes with confidence for our clients.

Although it is rarely known, in a past life Rhys was a competitive swimmer up until the age of 23, representing his club on state, national and world platforms. A sprinter in his time, Rhys’s career highlights include finishing 13th in the Men’s Open50 meter Backstroke at a FINA World Cup, a top 20 ranking in Australia for Men’s Open50 meter Backstroke; a top 2 ranking; setting records at district, country and state competitions and numerous medal finishes.

These days Rhys enjoys the occasional splash in the pool and at the beach while feeding a healthy passion for nature and wildlife photography, smoking delicious meats, riding motorcycles, water skiing and dreaming of buying another classic car.