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Aboriginal Archaeology & Cultural Heritage

Umwelt has an excellent reputation for undertaking well-designed archaeological surveys and assessments that integrate Aboriginal community input with all relevant legislative requirements of government agencies. Our team provides clear and accurate advice to our clients and we ensure that they are kept up to date and aware of progress throughout the life of each project. Our archaeologists pride themselves on their ability to facilitate positive engagement between proponents and Aboriginal people.


We have successfully completed many short term projects, as well as long term complex projects that required ongoing liaison and facilitation of communication between clients, Aboriginal community representatives and government authorities.

Our services include

  • Aboriginal Cultural Heritage and Archaeological Assessments;
  • Aboriginal Heritage Impact Permit Applications;
  • Preparation of Research Designs and Methodologies;
  • Undertaking Subsurface Testing and Salvage Programs;
  • Due Diligence Assessments;
  • Stone Artefact, Shell Midden and Rock Art Recording and Analysis;
  • Ethno-botanical Mapping;
  • Aboriginal Place Nominations;
  • Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Management Plans.

Umwelt’s archaeologists are adept in the preparation of all documentation required for assessment and management of Aboriginal archaeology.

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Key Contacts

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