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Climate Change Adaptation

Umwelt’s services support communities, businesses and Government to collaborate and innovate for sustainability and resilience, meeting the challenges of climate change.

Understanding of the extent to which the Australian landscape, urban and rural communities, industry and business are exposed to the impacts of climate change has moved from models, measurements and predictions by scientific and planning experts, to harsh lived experience.

In eastern Australia, the environmental events of the last two years have demonstrated the diverse and complex impacts of warming and drying conditions and of sea level rise.  They have tested the security of regional water supplies, the tenacity of agricultural producers and challenged the social cohesion of communities.  The catastrophic 2019-20 fire season has revealed the vulnerability of power, telecommunications, road and water infrastructure, forestry, orcharding and fishing industries, tourism dependent economies and our national biodiversity to disruption from climate enhanced natural disasters.

Within weeks of fire emergencies, many communities also had to deal with the challenges of cyclonic rainfall, flooding and coastal erosion.

While some businesses and communities are well advanced in their planning for resilience to climate risks; others have clear sight of the magnitude of emerging challenges for the first time.

Photo ABC News, 23 July 2019

Photo: Water storage, Macquarie River valley; Water NSW

Our expertise

Umwelt has skills and experience across all aspects of climate risk management to offer a fresh perspective and to support businesses, industries, communities and governments with:

  • The transition to sustainable energy sources and efficient use of water resources
  • All phases of an adaptive approach to climate change resilience

Sustainability and emissions management

Our services include:

  • Strategic advice on emerging policy and regulation
  • Greenhouse, energy and water reviews and risk management planning
  • Infrastructure climate risk assessment and management
  • Comprehensive environmental impact assessment processes, providing a smooth pathway to sustainable project approvals for renewable energy projects, transmission infrastructure and water supply and treatment projects
  • Environmental engineering and design for more efficient resource utilization and pollution control
  • Management plans and operational support for effective implementation of new processes and programs
  • Environmental management systems and training
  • Perceived risk, attitude and acceptance surveys for all relevant stakeholders, including communities

Climate change adaptation

Our services include:

  • Robust, insightful reviews of the effectiveness of climate risk adaptation policies and plans
  • Analysis of stakeholder and community perspectives on climate risk; communication plans and training to build resilience and facilitate adaptive capacity
  • Climate risk assessments for government, business and community assets and values – natural, social and economic
  • Expert science advice to assess the impact of climate change on bushfire hazard and risk, regional biodiversity, wetlands (including Ramsar sites), water security, cultural heritage, coastal landscapes and community well-being
  • Collaborative approaches for preparation of local and regional adaptation plans in coastal, riverine and rural landscapes
  • Environmental and social assessment of adaptation options, to identify priorities and develop fit for purpose climate ready systems
  • Planning and approvals support for adaptive land use and infrastructure
  • Monitoring and reporting of biodiversity impacts and recovery from natural disasters, including bushfire
  • Spatial data capabilities, including live GIS based monitoring and mapping tools to analyse change to natural and social systems

Photo: Stockton Beach; ABC News 11 February 2020


Our five-step approach to adaptive climate risk mitigation.

Umwelt’s experienced climate change specialists can help you at any stage of this cycle.

Key Contacts

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