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Climate Change Services

Umwelt supports communities, businesses and Governments to meet the challenges of climate change.

Umwelt has unique skills and experience in integrated environmental management.  We offer a fresh perspective, working closely with clients to deliver innovative, sustainable and resilient climate risk solutions.

Our services support businesses, industries, communities and governments with:

We listen to your concerns and apply our expertise to identify evidence-based responses to the evolving climate.  Together we will foster more resilient businesses and communities.

Climate change creates new challenges, obligations and opportunities

Australian communities and businesses have always lived and operated in dynamic and challenging climates.  The resilience of our natural and built assets, however, continues to be stretched as climate change delivers record breaking extreme events.  The once theoretical potential impacts of climate change are now lived experience, and our continuing climate transition means new perspectives on risk management are necessary.

Recent extreme events have tested strategies for sharing access to natural resources, the security of regional water supplies, agricultural production systems, the continuity of businesses and the social cohesion of communities.  The catastrophic 2019-20 fire season revealed the vulnerability of infrastructure, industries and our national biodiversity to climate enhanced natural disasters.

These experiences are renewing the focus of businesses and communities on understanding and managing climate risks.

Umwelt’s environmental management expertise can help

  • Umwelt understands the direct and indirect impacts of climate change on natural systems. We can help you assess risks to biodiversity, coastal landscapes and river systems, and safeguard key ecosystem functions and services
  • Umwelt can help communities, businesses and governments assess climate risk and plan to protect assets, values, environments and lifestyles
  • We know that change also creates opportunities for adaptive businesses and communities that are prepared to assess new options, invest in their ideas, and evaluate outcomes. We can help evaluate these opportunities
  • Our team understands businesses are faced with a growing demand to consider and disclose climate risk. Our climate risk disclosure reporting services can help businesses satisfy corporate regulators and build confidence with investors
  • Our planning and approvals experts can streamline approvals processes, and facilitate the investment in new climate adaptation projects, which reduce risk, create opportunities and increase security

Our five-step approach to adaptive climate risk mitigation

Umwelt’s experienced climate change specialists can help you at any stage of this cycle.

Key Contacts

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