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Climate Change and Natural Resources

Climate change is modifying the components, processes and services provided by the natural hydrological, geomorphic and biodiversity systems that make up the Australian landscape.

It adds an additional layer of pressure on the natural values of rivers, wetlands, estuaries, beaches and coastal dunes, mountain landscapes, ecological communities and endangered species that are already threatened by the cumulative effects of our day to day management of water resources, fire, land clearing, grazing and cropping, industry, urban development and infrastructure.


Umwelt’s expert ecology and natural resources team understands the management implications of climate science for natural areas and natural resources.

We help land managers assess and communicate climate risks, plan adaptation actions, evaluate investment decisions, and implement projects that enhance the climate resilience of natural systems and communities.


Photo: ABC News, 23 July 2019

Photo: Bank erosion, Hunter River estuary

Photo: Towra Point Nature Reserve Ramsar site


Our team offers expert knowledge and innovative thinking.  We work with our clients and their stakeholders to:

  • Map and assess the biophysical, social, cultural and economic values of natural systems
  • Use high resolution spatial data (from remote sources and ground survey) to study and assess change in natural systems, including indicators such as canopy density, groundcover, beach and dune morphology, water storage and flood behaviour (including tidal inundation and catchment flooding)
  • Scope and analyse threats and risks to natural system processes, functions and condition, including soil and riverbank erosion, fire, coastal erosion
  • Identify high and extreme risks requiring urgent attention
  • Communicate climate risks and develop options to reduce climate risks
  • Work collaboratively with communities and stakeholders to identify and implement effective risk management consistent with community values and objectives
  • Review governance arrangements for effective management of climate risks to natural systems and areas, including national park and Crown land estate, Aboriginal land and Ramsar wetland sites
  • Prepare strategic reviews and report the effectiveness of natural resources management plans.

We make a difference

We apply robust science, engagement and insightful analysis to prepare management programs, master plans, statutory plans of management, response strategies and adaptation plans that integrate climate risk mitigation and other regional / organisational priorities.  Our approach:

  • activates community involvement
  • meets statutory obligations
  • makes responsibilities clear
  • builds partnerships
  • facilitates implementation and performance review
  • sets the framework for ongoing learning and adaptation

Contact us for more information about how we can help you make a difference to the management of natural systems on which we all depend.

Key Contacts

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