Coastline and Estuary Studies

For over twenty years, Umwelt staff have worked with regional communities and state and local government organisations, to prepare catchment, estuary and coastline management studies and plans that guide understanding and sound management of the valuable and vulnerable natural and cultural resources of the coastal zone.

Scope of Project Experience

We have been involved in a range of projects and themes, including:

  • plans prepared under the NSW Estuaries Program for several major river estuaries and coastal lakes;
  • detailed foreshore management plans for estuarine waterways;
  • environmental improvement plans for degraded estuaries;
  • community awareness and education programs focused on estuarine processes and resources;
  • review of policies, guidelines and protocols for the management of estuarine landscapes;
  • detailed plans for the entire coastline of local government areas;
  • impact of the ‘Sea Change’ phenomenon on regional coastal communities;
  • protection of high conservation value landscapes;
  • management of significant coastal and geotechnical hazards;
  • safe community access to beaches, dunes and rock platforms;
  • strategic advice on environmental management issues for extractive resources in the coastal zone;
  • indigenous issues in fishery management; and
  • scientific studies, ecological monitoring and impact assessment (see aquatic ecology).

Coastline and Estuary Studies

Capabilities and Approach

Our approach to coastal zone management projects includes:

  • critical review of the best available technical and scientific information to highlight gaps, inconsistencies and connections;
  • clear definition and scoping of management issues to focus attention on high risk problems and actions that will make a real difference;
  • presenting technical information simply, to raise community awareness and understanding of whole of system processes management issues, facilitating informed decision making;
  • helping decision makers and communities to document and understand coastline values and the significance of threats from both natural processes and development;
  • applying strategic policy frameworks in ways that are clear and appropriate for regional communities;
  • developing management programs that reflect the interdependence of natural systems and regional communities;
  • facilitating co-ordination of natural resource management activities in the coastal zone by local Councils, Catchment Management organisations and other state agencies; and
  • developing plans that facilitate access to State and Commonwealth funding programs for implementation.

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