Environmental Training

We assist clients in diverse industry sectors with training to ensure that all levels of management and on the ground staff are aware of their environmental responsibilities and have the skills to deliver appropriate environmental performance.

Our strategic and technical knowledge of a wide range of environmental management issues enables us to develop and deliver environmental training packages that are relevant to and understandable for a broad audience. Our on the ground experience assists us to tailor training in a way that communicates the intended message with the use of practical and clear examples.

Environmental Training

Examples of training programs that we have developed and delivered include:

  • environmental awareness training from senior executive level to employee and contractor levels;
  • environmental management systems development and implementation, including EMS training for over 350 personnel in one organisation;
  • environmental risk assessment processes and implications;
  • archaeological field survey skills for Aboriginal Site officers;
  • university courses in coastal studies and environmental engineering (Newcastle University);
  • cultural heritage archaeology, Indigenous community cultural values and statutory responsibilities for senior management, project managers, earthmoving contractors and field staff;
  • specific management issues for construction and operational personnel; and
  • community awareness and education programs.

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