Floodplain Risk Management

Umwelt has expertise in the delivery of environmental services relating to the assessment and management of floodplain risk for a range of government, urban development, industrial and mining clients. We have a strong track record in large scale and complex projects that require high level skills in issues management, client and stakeholder liaison, innovative technical analysis, communication and engagement.

We have an established reputation for careful integration of issues at all spatial, temporal and stakeholder (institutional) scales.

We have worked with all aspects of the NSW Floodplain Development Manual (DIPNR 2005) and have demonstrated skills and experience in key areas relevant to floodplain risk management.

Strategic Thinking and Analysis

Our personnel have prepared strategic reviews of a range of State level natural resource management policy and programs including flood risk management, acid sulphate soils, delivery of catchment management in urban regions and water supply options.

Floodplain Risk Management

Water Modelling, Data Management and Engineering

We are skilled in:

  • flood modelling and interpretation of flood model outputs. We have prepared very large and complex flood models for urban and rural catchments, addressing issues such as flood risk for existing development, water sensitive urban design for major subdivision development, environmental flows and mine subsidence. A demonstration of our flood modelling capability is available on our flood and terrain modelling site;
  • flood hazard mapping and assessment of escape routes;
  • development of engaging three dimensional visualisations of floods and their impacts to support presentations to Councils, community groups and other stakeholders. Examples of visual tools used by Umwelt to assist in presentation can be viewed on our flood and terrain modelling site;
  • managing very large data sets, which facilitate the integration of multiple strands of evidence in complex analytical tasks; and
  • GIS establishment and management – providing powerful spatial and visual tools for analysis and communication.

Qualitative and Quantitative Risk Assessment

Our personnel have undertaken qualitative and quantitative risk assessments in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 4360:2004 Risk Management for a range of management plans for local government, industry and mining projects.

Local Government Partnerships for Strategic Programs

Working in partnership with local government staff to develop strategies and plans which address the needs of multiple Council departments. Our team has direct local government experience as well as working as consultants to local government.

Floodplain Risk Management

Communication and Engagement

We add value with effective and integrated engagement programs, such as:

  • high level briefings for Council executive staff, business leaders, senior agency staff and politicians. Our team has direct high level state agency experience, and team members have prepared briefings at Ministerial and Director‑General level and facilitated high level interagency negotiations on water issues and flood risk. We appreciate the time constraints and the need for succinct, precise and quotable information for these stakeholders. We understand state and local government decision making processes;
  • consultation and partnering with Floodplain Management Committees to determine key issues and concerns, review options for managing floodplain risk and provide practical and helpful advice on implementation of management options;
  • preparation of strategic advice for business leaders on a range of environmental and natural resource issues, affecting choices about scoping and management for major projects. We have worked with senior business management on environmental risk implications and how they can be addressed in project design, communication and delivery;
  • development, implementation and review of community engagement programs for high profile issues. We have worked with local communities on a range of issues and have experience in facilitating community meetings, workshops, field days, training programs and decision making programs and detailed one on one interview processes. We have skills and experience in the development of community newsletters, flyers, posters and web based information. Further information on our community engagement capabilities is available on our Community and Other Stakeholder Involvement page; and
  • preparation of Management Plans at multiple scales – to meet the information needs of local communities through to regional areas.

Adaptation Strategies – Environmental Issues and Climate Change

We develop adaptation strategies for a range of environmental hazards, including flooding, land slip, coastal erosion and climate change. Our team includes climate change adaptation specialists, who have senior state and national government experience in policy and program development, program implementation and review and evaluation processes.

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