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Umwelt helps clients to manage geomorphic issues with robust technical studies that draw on field observations, discussions with landholders and application of best practice research to provide practical and achievable solutions.

Umwelt assists our clients with scientific evidence about geomorphic processes; well tested management advice; ongoing monitoring and evaluation of land management outcomes.

We offer an integrated suite of land assessment and management services including:

  • Hydrology;
  • Landform analysis and design;
  • Soil survey and mapping;
  • River and hill-slope processes;
  • Estuary and coastal processes;
  • Erosion and sediment control;
  • Water engineering.

Our Approach.

Umwelt’s approach to managing geomorphic hazards is risk based, and aligns with State and Local Government regulatory and policy frameworks.

Spatial data analysis and modelling skills are combined with field investigation techniques and input from community and stakeholders. This provides the right information on which to make land management decisions, protect assets and plan developments, including residential, infrastructure, resources and recreation facilities.

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Key Contacts

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