Custom LiDAR Processing

Our specialised LiDAR processing services with Anditi include:

  • Classification of raw LiDAR data, to standard classification schemas, including ISPRS
  • Advanced quality control of raw LiDAR datasets, for example to achieve the optimum alignment of LiDAR swathes
  • Management and analysis of extremely large volumes of LiDAR data
  • Development of custom solutions to meet client requirements in a wide range of disciplines, including ecology, engineering, hydrology and earth sciences
  • Innovation in LiDAR data storage, custom feature extraction, observation of small changes
  • Production of terrain models optimised for use in various environmental models

Anditi’s innovative R&D work provides a continually advancing capability that we offer our clients. For example, through the development of optimised software, data tiling, parallel processing and seamless reconstitution techniques in Anditi, Umwelt is able to process large LiDAR data sets containing billions of data points.

Anditi’s parallel processing techniques provide a scalable solution to handle increased LiDAR data throughput without affecting completion times. With this ability Umwelt can accommodate the trend toward increasing volumes of data from larger survey areas, higher data resolution and increased data complexity.

Anditi’s data thinning techniques allow us to generate large scale LiDAR, GIS and other spatial products and deliver them in file sizes targeted at individual requirements.

Examples of our recent work include finding malleefowl mounds across large areas of land, identification and mapping of invasive species, extrapolation of field data for broadacre analysis and the development of custom analytical viewers for investigating vegetation structure.

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