End to End Data Management Services

Our end-to-end LiDAR data management services enable us to provide our clients with efficient turnaround times and to ensure data and data products are of an appropriate quality and fit-for-purpose.

LiDAR specification

We can provide detailed specifications for LiDAR data collection by third parties. This ensures the data being collected is fit-for purpose and will deliver the best results for your project.

Data Collection and Preprocessing

Quality control (QC) is important when using spatial data. Our data checking examines issues such as holes in the data, data density, timing of data collection, flightline alignment and overlap. Where data is misaligned with associated datasets, even by a few centimetres, we can detect this and realign the data.

Our capabilities in this area ensure that the data meets specifications and is suitable for its intended purpose. We understand the complexities of LiDAR data and follow the data standards, such as ISPRS, required for undertaking complex analysis and producing quality products.

LiDAR specification

Specialist processing and data analysis

Through our own big data management and analysis platform Anditi and other LiDAR processing software such as Terrascan and LAStools we provide automated filtering, classification and analysis of LiDAR data and imagery to produce high quality spatial products and GIS ready data.

Product Generation

We can provide a range of spatial products in industry standard and proprietary formats, including all popular GIS platforms.

Spatial data is often used as inputs to other modelling approaches. Umwelt can produce custom terrain and other spatial products in raster, vector and point formats for introduction to a wide range of modelling packages. We specialise in terrain development for flood modelling.

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