Spatial Data Products

Through our partnering arrangement with Anditi, we can provide automated filtering, classification and analysis of LiDAR data to produce high quality spatial products and GIS ready data for our clients, including:

  • Surface models for a variety of terrain and vegetation surfaces
  • High Resolution digital terrain models (DTMs) for use in surveying, engineering and infrastructure design, 3D visualisations, 3D modelling tasks such as flood modelling
  • Topographic contours at user-specified intervals
  • Catchments and drainage networks
  • Digital canopy models providing input to vegetation maps and vegetation structure analysis
  • Cross-sectional analysis
  • Building footprints, outlines, heights

All our spatial products and GIS ready data can be provided in industry standard or proprietary formats allowing them to be used for further analysis on all popular GIS platforms.

We also provide data fusion services, combining LiDAR data with aerial imagery, satellite imagery and other spatial data, for more complex analysis tasks such as feature extraction and vegetation species mapping.

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