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Water Resources Engineering

Umwelt’s Water Resources Engineering team has an established and trusted reputation for providing high quality water engineering services to both government and private industry. We are known for our robust technical solutions and clear communication skills.

Completed projects span urban development, infrastructure, industry, resources (mining and quarrying), renewables (wind and solar) and defence sectors for regional, national and international clients, including local, state and commonwealth government departments.

Our Services

Flood Modelling and Floodplain Risk Management

Umwelt has expertise in developing flood models for urban and rural catchments to:

  • define, manage and mitigate flood hazard and risk
  • investigate and design floodplain infrastructure (e.g. bridges and major culverts)
  • establish and manage environmental flows
  • assess and manage mine subsidence impacts.

The flood models are used to assess existing scenarios and to assess options for proposed developments. We use best-practice modelling methods and a suite of hydrologic and hydraulic (1D and 2D) best-practice software, including RMA2, TUFLOW, HEC-RAS, XP-RAFTS, XP-STORM and WBNM. Our flood modelling outputs are tailored to suit our clients’ requirements and include an extensive range of two-dimensional flood mapping and can also include three-dimensional ‘fly through’ visualisations.

Floodplain Risk Management

Consultation and Community Engagement

Our team is experienced in partnering with floodplain management committees to assess key floodplain risks, address community concerns, review options for managing floodplain risk and providing advice on the implementation of effective management options.

Our community engagement activities include community meetings, workshops, decision-making programs, interviews and the production of informative materials, such as newsletters, flyers, fact sheets, FAQs and the provision of web-based information.

Water Management Plans

We are approved by the NSW Department of Planning, Industry and Environment (DPIE) as specialists in the preparation of surface water (stormwater), groundwater and wastewater management plans. We also provide expert advice relating to site water management, surface water monitoring and water licencing.

Floodplain Risk Management

Water Balance Modelling

We use GoldSim software to prepare site water balance and contaminant (e.g. salt) balance models using historical, real-time and predictive scenarios. Our water and contaminant balance models are used to support approvals applications for proposed developments, as well as ongoing operational compliance requirements.

Surface Water Impact Assessments

We are experienced in preparing surface water impact assessments for both existing and proposed developments. Our assessments consider water quality and quantity impacts on all users within a water source. This work often involves watercourse diversions, geomorphologic assessment and protection or restoration of streambanks.

Erosion and Sediment Control Plans

Our team includes in-house Certified Professionals in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC), who are accredited experts in preparing erosion and sediment control plans and providing consulting advice for construction, operation and rehabilitation stages of developments.

Water Quality and Stormwater Management

We are experienced at undertaking water quality investigations, data analysis, data management, modelling and reporting, as well as developing water quality monitoring programs in accordance with Australia & New Zealand Guidelines (ANZG, 2018). We use MUSIC modelling software to assess impacts of urban and industrial developments on stormwater quality and provide conceptual water sensitive urban design (WSUD) treatment solutions.

Dams and Extreme Floods

Umwelt’s water engineers are experienced in hydrologic investigations and yield analysis for dams, including extreme flood estimation, spillway design, dam break modelling and dam safety assessments.

Climate Change and Adaptation Strategies

We assess the potential for climate change to increase flooding due to sea level rise and increased rainfall intensity, and we can prepare adaptation strategies to cope with the increase in flood hazard.

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Key Contacts

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