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Water Resources Engineering

Umwelt has an established and trusted water resources reputation in both industry and government within the hydrology, hydraulics, geomorphology, design, management and analysis fields.

Umwelt is known for our robust technical solutions and clear communication skills. To effectively communicate key concepts and outcomes to our clients, we include high quality drawings, graphics, animation and visualisations.

Our range of water resource and engineering related services include:

  • Surface water assessments;
  • Flood modelling and mitigation;
  • Water quality and pollution control;
  • Water management plans;
  • Water balance modelling.

We can provide assistance in the identification and assessment of baseline conditions for water flow, volume and quality, constraints and opportunity analysis, impact assessment and stakeholder engagement.


In-depth Expertise.

Within our service range, our specialist expertise lies in the modelling and assessment of complex natural and built environments. This ranges from 1 and 2 dimensional modelling of floodplain/river/drainage systems, through to modelling of site water management systems. Our modelling techniques are transparent, repeatable, satisfy regulatory requirements and demonstrate best practice.

Our clients encompass government and private industry, including mining, extractive industries, urban and industrial development, and regional and national infrastructure providers.

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Key Contacts

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