Social Assessment and Community Engagement

Implementing sound social practice to inform project/program design and development

At Umwelt we work with our clients, their stakeholders and communities to better understand social issues and impacts; to appropriately assess social risk in development planning; and to deliver targeted and fit- for- purpose mitigation and enhancement strategies to more effectively manage change at the community level.

We work with clients across all stages of the project cycle.  Members of our team have developed innovative approaches to better demonstrate greater social value for our clients and their communities, not only in project development, but in managing social impacts through construction and operational phases through to closure.

Social & Community

Putting people in the picture

The social programs we develop are targeted, rigorous and data driven, drawing on a range of different assessment and analytical techniques from the social sciences. We also believe that people are more than numbers in reports and tables and we pride ourselves on being able to forge strong and long term relationships with stakeholders and communities; to facilitate constructive communication and engagement processes; and provide stakeholders with a legitimate voice in the development and social research process. Our key social service areas include:

  • Social Impact Assessment
  • Social Impact Management and Monitoring
  • Community Engagement
  • Social Research
  • Program/Project Evaluation

Connecting you with our in-house team

When you choose Umwelt, you gain access to a highly experienced in-house social team that has an established track record in the social space. We offer recognised experts in social impact assessment, community and stakeholder engagement, social research and program evaluation; in addition to the multi-disciplinary expertise available across other areas of the Umwelt business – affording us with the proficiency to deliver a truly integrated approach in our project work. Contact us today to see how our team can assist you in addressing social issues within your project context.

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