The International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) Conference, Brisbane

Umwelt’s Social Practice Lead – Dr Sheridan Coakes and members of the Social and Community team will be attending The International Association for Impact Assessment (IAIA) Conference in Brisbane this week, which kicks off today.

The conference always attracts a strong EIA and SIA contingent from around the world, and given the more recent introduction in Australia of guidelines to direct SIA practice in both NSW and QLD, Sherie will be chairing a session on ‘Institutionalising SIA in Government decision making’; with Australian and international representatives from government and private sector agencies participating on the panel. Sherie will also be part of a session that is addressing how best to train SIA practitioners to effectively grow the SIA workforce.

Members of the Umwelt Social and Community team will be there amongst national and international practitioners to discuss the status and next steps for Impact Assessment (IA) under the conference theme – Evolution or Revolution?

The conference theme invites delegates to consider Impact Assessment (IA) from different viewpoints. It calls for reflection on the imperatives for change if IA is to be part of another half-century of good practice environmental management.

  • Will evolutionary development of IA be sufficient in the future?
  • Is there a better way to ensure that impact-assessable matters are taken into account in project and policy decision making?
  • If revolutionary change is needed, what might it look like?

Stay tuned for a summary of key learnings and outcomes from the conference and follow us on Instagram and Facebook for insights during the conference.

For more information on the Umwelt’s Social and Community services, contact Sherie at or call on 1300 793 267.