There are never enough hours for ME! That’s not the case here at Umwelt


In the consulting industry it’s very common for high performance cultures to fall into the trap of working harder and not smarter.

 As a leading Australian owned environmental and social consulting business, Umwelt knows that excellent services come from terrific people.

That’s why we’ve recently introduced #MeDay – an initiative that sees our team receive an extra 12 days per year of leave to do whatever makes them happy!

Our Managing Director, Barbara Crossley has booked her #MeDays firmly in the calendar over the next couple of months.

“At Umwelt we are all about outcomes and we know that a happy, healthy, and well rested team are more efficient and do great work…that’s why we’re encouraging all members of our team to make time for themselves once a month and do something meaningful, just for them. I know I’m looking forward to mine”

Ecologist Kyle Stimson, 24, in our Canberra office, is already making the most of #MeDay by using it for life’s BIG decisions.

“My recent #MeDay gave me the headspace to do all the running around to negotiate and purchase my first home,” he said.

Kyle is often out in the field completing seasonal surveys. He believes that #MeDay is a valuable initiative and a good way to attract and retain professionals looking for meaningful and flexible work environments.

And what will Kyle be doing on his next #MeDay?

‘I feel the benefit of #MeDay already and plan to build a chicken coop in the backyard of my new home.’

For those that know us well, this new initiative is just one of many already in place to support the Umwelt team. #MeDay came about because of us listening to our team and understanding the diverse drivers for personal and business success.

Our team is passionate about the work they do, but sometimes that passion and drive to get the best outcome can have its trade-offs. We all experience the inevitable highs and lows of work and life, but at Umwelt we aim to nourish the individual to thrive in life. This means being physically, mentally, and socially well.

The initiative is only made possible through a commitment from everyone in the business coupled with many other policies designed to maintain a thriving workplace environment.

“Determining what is right for Umwelt to support a workplace culture and a growing national consultancy is top of mind for my executive team and the Board at Umwelt,” said Barbara.

Some of Umwelt’s other long established workplace programs include:

  • Employee Share plan opportunities
  • Flexible work arrangements and locations to suit individual needs
  • A host of reward and recognition programs
  • A well-established Wellbeing forum

So, watch this space as we share with you how our team choose to spend an additional 12 days per year doing whatever makes them happy – go rest, be physical, go learn, volunteer, or just go and be you.