Umwelt accredited in use of Infrastructure Sustainability Rating Tool

If you are currently working on, or about to tender for a major infrastructure project in Australia then you are almost certain to come into contact with the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia’s (ISCA) IS Rating Tool. Main Roads WA and Transport for NSW are leading the implementation of ISCA ratings for their major projects.  It is also being adopted in non-transport related sectors such as water infrastructure.

Umwelt has registered Infrastructure Sustainability Accredited Professionals (ISAPs) in our WA and NSW offices. Our ISAPs have all recently completed their additional training requirements to meet the demands of the latest release of the ISCA Technical Manual; enabling them to assist project teams with the delivery of IS Ratings in accordance with the Rating Tool.

Our ISAPs can be embedded into contractors’ project teams to assist with the management of the IS Rating process, typically working in partnership with project Environment Managers. Or they can act for the Client Team as Independent Certifiers of a contractor’s progress towards achieving a contractually defined IS Rating for a project; this is a roll we are currently providing to a major infrastructure project in WA.

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