Umwelt has experience in New Commonwealth Listing

In December 2015, the ecological community ‘Eucalypt Woodlands of the Western Australian Wheatbelt’ was listed as a critically endangered ecological community under the EPBC Act. This community, which is endemic to the south-west of Western Australia, occupies an area between the wetter forests of the Darling Range and the arid to semi-arid low woodlands and mallees of the ‘Great Western Woodlands’. This community is highly variable in structure consisting of a canopy of Eucalyptus species with an understorey of grasses herbs and shrubs.

This listing provides protection for an ecological community that has had up to 85% of its pre-European extent cleared, principally for agricultural purposes. In addition to this decline, its existence is highly fragmented with the median size of remaining woodlands being 0.5 ha. Due to the highly fragmented nature, this community is susceptible to further losses of integrity through weed invasion, reduction in rainfall, tree death and recruitment decline.

Information on the new listing can be found at the following site:

Umwelt’s Ecologists have extensive experience in the field identification of this community, and are highly experienced in ecological impact assessment and conservation management of biodiversity in WA. For more information on this new listing and other ecological matters please contact National Ecology Leader, Travis Peake on 1300 793 267 or