Umwelt shares knowledge at the 11th International Conference on Mine Closure

Karen Lamb presented a paper on behalf of Dr Sheridan Coakes and herself at the 11th International Conference on Mine Closure held in Perth between 15-17th March. The paper entitled, Town resource cluster analysis — understanding and quantifying your operation’s social and economic linkages at local, regional and state levels, demonstrated an applied approach to assessing the socio‐economic impacts of mine closure using the application of Town Resource Cluster (TRC) analysis; a methodology initially developed within a natural resource management and development planning context.

This methodology allows for the examination of the linkages between a resources operation and existing social systems, and allows for the quantification of a company’s economic and social contribution at local, regional and state levels to guide operational planning and decision‐making at various phases of an operation’s lifecycle including at closure planning.

In the context of mine closure planning, TRC analysis illustrates the social and economic associations between a mine and its local and regional communities based on a number of factors, including: employee place of residence; use of services; annual household expenditure; employee involvement; and participation in local community life providing an operational site with an understanding of both the positive contribution that its operation is presently making, as well as identifying and quantifying the potential impacts on local towns and communities as the mine closure process commences.

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