Umwelt’s social team grows in response to improved consideration of social issues and impacts in project planning

Since the beginning of 2018, Umwelt’s social team has continued to grow with a number of new project team members joining the team’s national social practice in the past 6 months; bringing the team to 10 persons strong nationally.

Part of the NSW Social Team: Sarah Bell, Justine Ackroyd, Peter Tatnell and Sheree Ansen.

Led by respected social impact practitioner Dr Sheridan Coakes, Umwelt’s Social Practice Lead, who has worked in the area of SIA and community engagement for over 25 years in both government and industry contexts, the social team is comprised of a group of passionate and dedicated social/community practitioners from a diverse range of social science disciplines – psychology, sociology, human geography, social planning, community and international development and stakeholder engagement.

Due to their strong social science focus, the team knows the theory well, but this is complemented by their practical experience on the ground in developing and applying rigorous SIA and engagement programs to better understand and document communities needs and aspirations; to identify, assess and predict social impacts associated with planned change; and to work with key stakeholders in developing effective strategies to mitigate and enhance project outcomes for all parties.

With experience working in both rural/remote and urban community environments, for a variety of scales of project, client and sector; the team is well versed in the social space; with an impressive list of clients and projects to their name.

With new government guidelines around SIA having recently been introduced in both NSW and QLD, the assessment landscape has changed, further prescribing government expectations in regard to the consideration of social impacts for State significant mining, petroleum production and extractive industry development.

Consequently, as strong advocates for effective social assessment and engagement practice, the team is working hard to deliver more effective project outcomes for clients, communities and governments across Australia.

To see how the team can assist you, please call Dr Sheridan Coakes on 1300 793 267 or send her an email