An Update from the Water Resources Engineering Team at Umwelt

New leadership in water management

Highly experienced water engineer, Glenn Mounser, recently joined Umwelt as the Manager of the Water Resources Engineering team. Glenn brings a wealth of technical knowledge and management experience to the role. He leads the team in providing high quality consulting services to public and private clients in mining, transport, major infrastructure and urban/industrial development.

Protecting people, assets and the environment

Glenn and team members Chris, Melissa, and Eugene continue to work on a diverse range of projects that continue to assist clients with meeting obligations, including:

● Ensuring developments and assets are not vulnerable to flooding;
● Maintaining environmental water quality; and,
● Managing water resources to secure ongoing supply.

In the last twelve months, the team has carried out multiple flood studies for transport and infrastructure projects, analysing flood flow behaviour using a suite of computer modelling programs and advising on flood levels, flood hazard and flood evacuation.

Projects have included water quality modelling to assess the impact of industrial and urban developments on stormwater and to devise mitigation measures.


Eugene Moore

Mel Swan

Modelling, analysis and assessment

The team has assisted clients in mining and extractive industries with management of water on-site and off-site by preparing water balance models, surface water and groundwater impact assessments, surface water management plans and provided water quality data analysis and review.

Working with renewables and emerging technology

Recently the Water Resources Engineering Team have been working with clients in the renewable energy industry, including wind and solar farm developments. We’re thrilled to see further diversification of the range of services offered by the team and the clients with which they continue to work.