Walking for World Suicide Prevention Awareness

Top; Bill Wallach, James Garnham, Erica MacIntyre, Kirsty Davies,
Bottom; Julie Wicks, Pam Dean-Jones, Bride McWhirter, Emma Cummings

Following our participation in the World Suicide Prevention Walk in September last year and again this year to raise awareness for suicide prevention, Umwelt has become a Lifespan Business & Community Partner. As a Lifespan Business Partner Umwelt staff was provided with suicide workplace prevention training. As a community partner Umwelt provided additional training licences for local community members.

This important initiative will enable willing participants within our team to be better equipped with increased knowledge, understanding and confidence in talking about and responding to a person that may be suicidal.

Umwelt highly values building a community safety net that is helping to prevent suicide. We are extremely proud to be participating in this programme.

If you would like more information on the programme, please visit https://everymind.org.au/qpr