World Soil Day

December 5th is World Soil Day, a celebration of soil as an important resource and a cornerstone of a resilient ecosystem, a healthy planet, and human well-being. Fertile soil is the basis of food and energy, clean water, building materials and even clothing. However, soil is often referred to and treated as dirt. Poor agricultural practices and land clearing result in land degradation and erosion. It has been estimated that fertile soil is eroded at rate of 24 billion tonnes per year worldwide due to intensive agricultural practices.

Umwelt’s Senior Soil Scientist, Bob Reid, was a coach in this year’s Australian National Soil Judging Competition. The aim of the competition is to connect students with industry professionals and for the students to put theoretical soil knowledge into practice. It is essential that we communicate the importance of healthy soils, discuss ways to protect good soils, improve soil conditions where possible, and remind ourselves how much fun it is to stick our toes into the mud (or sand).

Happy World Soils Day!