Biodiversity Assessment Methodology (BAM)

In the last 3 weeks New South Wales has seen the commencement of the Biodiversity Conservation Act 2016 together with its supporting Biodiversity Assessment Methodology (BAM). The BAM is designed to enable development proponents to undertaken systematic biodiversity impact and offset assessments, to ensure consistency and transparency in assessments. However, the material is extremely complex and not everything has been released. One of the most challenging elements is how to determine if a prospective developer will be required to undertake a BAM assessment or not.

Umwelt is pleased to announce we have prepared a simple but effective tool to assist developers to determine whether or not they need to undertake a BAM assessment. The tool, located at our website will enable the prospective developer to make a call on whether or not a simple ecological assessment is required, or if they will automatically flip into a BAM assessment. Go online and check it out, and if you have questions or seek further advice be sure to contact Travis Peake (Practice Leader Ecology/Associate) or one of the team’s experienced, accredited Assessors on 1300 793 267 or email