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Natural Resource Management

We know that healthy and resilient communities live in landscapes that are shaped by resilient natural systems.

Umwelt’s team are experts in natural resource management and work with clients to provide strategic and operational advice.Nat_Res_MgtB

Umwelt offers:

  • The capacity to facilitate difficult decisions that balance environmental, social, economic and cultural values.
  • In-house technical excellence in ecology, geomorphology, hydrology and soil science.
  • Outstanding spatial data management skills (GIS, LiDAR and satellite imagery).
  • Effective community engagement processes and capacity building.
  • Respect for different cultural perspectives, including working with Aboriginal communities on land management projects
  • High-level understanding of policy and planning frameworks.
  • Implementation planning, monitoring and program review.
  • Strategic advice for government, business and community.

Benefits for People and the Environment.

Umwelt offers practical, cost effective strategies to achieve positive outcomes for both people and the environment. We help communities enjoy, interact and engage with the landscape around them.

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Key Contacts

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