Environment & Community team increases experience

Bret Jenkins is welcomed by the Umwelt Environment & Community team as Senior Principal Environmental Consultant. Bret has 35 years of experience in a range of environmental management, project planning and approvals roles. Within this time Bret has spent 27 years in the Hunter Valley mining industry also in addition to 8 years in WA working on projects across Australia. This experience has enabled Bret to effectively lead and manage multi-disciplinary teams of professionals in operational or project development sites across a range of sectors including:

  •  numerous mining projects for new mines and significant mine expansions in both coal and metalliferous contexts;
  • industrial projects such as expansion of the largest brick plant in the southern hemisphere at Midland in Perth;
  •  land and maritime based infrastructure projects including remote area rail projects, and the expansion of Freemantle, Dampier and Port Hedland harbours, and
  • sustainable energy projects such as wind farms.

With his long history working in the NSW and WA mining industry Bret has forged long term relationships with key stakeholders and has extensive technical expertise on the issues relevant to mining and industrial projects.

Bret also has extensive experience in the area of mine closure having completed detailed closure plans for iron ore, gold, uranium, nickel and sand mining projects in Australia and in the USA.

Bret’s high level of commitment aims to ensure that the environmental and social performance of industry is constantly improving in order to meet the expectations of both the community and government regulators, this in turn continues to assist our clients to achieve effective corporate citizenship and a respected place in the broader community.

You can contact Bret via email at bjenkins@umwelt.com.au