Expanding our professional service

Senior Environmental Engineer Mel Swan has successfully achieved recognition as a Certified Professional in Erosion and Sediment Control (CPESC). This qualification is administered by the International Erosion Control Association (IECA), Australasia and certified by Envirocert International Inc.  A huge achievement for Mel!

This certification program is based upon scholarly preparation knowledge and experience. With a minimum of 7 years’ experience made up of a 3-4 year degree, plus 3-4 years professional experience.

After meeting the educational and practical experience standards and successfully passing two qualifying exams Mel can now be listed on the international registry of certified professionals in environmental specialties.

What this means for Mel and her clients is international recognition that Mel has the expertise and practical experience to assist designers & site teams in developing solutions to a wide range of soil and water challenges. From the planning to the implementation stage of a project, Mel can assist by preparing erosion and sediment control plans (ESCPs) and soil and water management plans (SWMPs) for new and existing projects, can assist during approvals for projects and can review and inspect installed controls to ensure compliance with relevant legislation. Managing soil and water to a certified and auditable standard is a requirement for large civil infrastructure projects (e.g. road and rail). Mel and the Umwelt Engineering team have the technical expertise to ensure projects comply with this requirement.

As a CPESC, and with the support from Umwelt’s Environmental Engineering Team, Mel can assist with work on all scales – from small disturbed areas on individual residential construction projects to large sites which require multiple sediment basins and complex erosion and sediment control design.

You can contact Mel at mswan@umwelt.com.au to assist in developing a solution for you.