Introducing Roshni Sharma – GIS Specialist

Welcome Roshni Sharma to Umwelt’s Spatial & Visualisation team! Roshni is passionate about making a difference in the spatial and surveying industry, collaborating with other industry bodies, and creating an atmosphere where young professionals know who and where to turn to when they are seeking to improve themselves.

As a keen advocate for young professionals in the spatial industry Roshni is the Chair of the National Young Professionals for the Surveying and Spatial Sciences Institute (SSSI). As Chair, Roshni oversees YP (young professionals) events and initiatives, and works with a committee of dedicated regional representatives to provide opportunities for people 36 and under to network with likeminded professionals and to advance their technical and non-technical skillsets.

She is also an Observer on the SSSI Board and is involved in the strategic planning of the future of the industry in Australia and the Asia Pacific at the state, national and international level, including the SSSI NSW Regional Conference 2018 (Wollongong, November 2018), Locate19 (Melbourne, April 2019) and the South East Asian Survey Congress (Darwin, August 2019).

Roshni also coordinates the SSSI National Young Professionals Mentoring Program, which has 80+ mentors and mentees from around Australia, including students from 13 Universities and many experienced industry leaders.

Roshni specialises in spatial analysis, cartography, spatial data management and training, with specific skills in ESRI packages. She has over 4 years of experience in the industry, with an extensive academic background in spatial information, environmental science and management and geosciences. She has worked on a number of complex resource and mining, planning and spatial data packaging and management projects. Roshni has also worked on hydrogeology, surface water, ecology and wastewater projects, historic and Aboriginal heritage assessments and bushfire hazard assessments.

Umwelts Manager of Spatial & Visualisation Services, Ian Kennedy said that “Roshni’s addition to the team further enhances Umwelt’s value to clients, including delivery of new services”.

Roshni can be contacted via email at