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Agricultural Assessment

Umwelt understands that agricultural communities are under numerous pressures and are also very sensitive to change.

Involving Umwelt in agricultural assessment from the outset results in the early identification of all potential issues and risks. Umwelt can provide effective engagement and communication with farming communities and delivers practical advice on sustainable land use options.


We understand and can explain the agricultural context of land use change, which includes:

  • Competing land use;
  • Resource utilisation;
  • Impacts on farm production, land access and communities
  • Climate change;
  • Technological change;
  • Economic policy;
  • Structural change;
  • Increasing regulation.

The Benefits of working with Umwelt.

Umwelt’s comprehensive expertise and experience enables us to better define the capability of agricultural lands using studies of soils, landform, ecology and hydrology. Our agronomy skills help farmers to improve production, manage requirements and reduce costs.

We work alongside clients and communities throughout the land use planning process to identify important agricultural resources, critical agricultural industries and the social resilience of rural communities.

Our team fully understands the impact assessment requirements that are designed to protect important agricultural production and achieve the right balance between agricultural, urban, industrial and other resource use on both regional and local scales.

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Key Contacts

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