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Environmental Noise

Umwelt has extensive experience in the assessment of noise impact on residential and other noise sensitive areas.

These include commercial and industrial activities, transport, heavy industry, extractive industries, and mining related activities. We are able to provide practical solutions enabling developments to operate in complex noise sensitive environments.


Umwelt manages noise impacts in the most cost effective way by working with our clients to identify appropriate acoustic solutions including:

  • Equipment selection;
  • Buffer distances;
  • Barriers;
  • Building design components.

Our knowledge benefits you.

Umwelt has a detailed knowledge of assessment processes, regulatory policies and objectives, as well as statutory and legislative compliance requirements. We ensure that all aspects of noise related issues are addressed.

We have developed sophisticated noise modelling techniques to enable the complex interactions between dynamic noise sources, changing meteorological conditions and sensitive areas to be assessed. Umwelt has the skills and equipment to measure, identify and quantify the impact that commercial and industrial activities have on residential and other noise sensitive areas.

As a result of our specialist knowledge of the acoustic environment, we are able to develop and implement site specific Noise Management Plans (NMP) tailored to the consent requirements of individual operations.

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Key Contacts

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