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Greenhouse and Energy

Umwelt’s specialist greenhouse gas and energy services include compliance reporting, impact assessment, strategic advice and management planning.

Our team assists clients who are seeking development approval, compliance reporting and strategic advice on greenhouse gas mitigation programs.

Our range of greenhouse and energy services include:

  • NGERS advice and reporting;
  • National Pollutant Inventory advice and reporting;
  • Uncertainty analysis for NGERS reporting;
  • Greenhouse and energy impact assessments;
  • Greenhouse gas management plans and mitigation programs;
  • Operational procedures to improve greenhouse gas management;
  • Evaluation of Carbon Farming Initiative opportunities;
  • Evaluation of clean technology options;
  • Sustainability training.

Our experience and expertise means that we can define and explain any obligations or opportunities generated by the National Greenhouse and Energy Reporting Act, the National Pollutant Inventory Program and the Carbon (Carbon Farming Initiative) Credits Act.


Our team has a long history of preparing greenhouse gas impact assessments for due diligence and EIS projects, and providing NGERS operational support. Umwelt regularly provides NGERS data verification, reporting and uncertainty analysis to a large network of Australian facilities. We can also assist you to cost and evaluate voluntary strategies to manage greenhouse gas emissions.

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Key Contacts

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